Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thoughts on turning 31...

I just turned 31

Last month. wow.


On the OTHER hand?

30 has been awesome. Really awesome. Like, I kinda wish I could have just stayed 30 because it's for sure been my favorite age.

I've learned a lot since my 21st birthday, probably too much to recount here, but I can tell you a few things I've learned in just the last YEAR that I think will be pivotal in my continued 30's.

Numero Uno:

My natural hair color? Is pretty bad ass.

I've had highlights, low lights, a BLEACHING NIGHTMARE FROM hell this past summer where my love for my husband was truly tested when I let him highlight my hair, and his love for me was tested when I spent a few hundred bucks (multiple dye jobs, multiple hair cuts) trying to fix it. (don't ever do that. let your husband color your hair I mean. If you do make that mistake, feel free to spend whatever it takes to fix it. Short of shaving your head, and even then, hell...go for it. Britney rocked it and came back, why can't you?)

What has grown back after I chopped off over 8 inches of my locks? Is a really pretty brown with natural red highlights. Just like My Tid Bit's.

No desire to ever color it again. I keep seeing friends and family lightening up for the summer and the urge hits but then I think, I'm gonna be the hot BRUNETTE on the beach this summer :-) Not the bottle blonde.

I'm diggin it. My baby likes my brown hair anyway :-)

Numero Two:

Speaking of Beaches? Sunscreen is important. I take so much better care of my skin now than I used to. I will say this, I often worry about my wrinkles and freckles but I look at a lot of other people in my age group and go "THANK YOU OIL OF OLAY!" (And Garnier BB Cream. Buy it. It's the shiz)

Numero Tres:

The scale means nothing. It's all about inches. :-) That was a seriously hard lesson for me to learn. Being skinny does NOT equate to healthy, and eating better means feeling better not being skinnier.

Numero Quatro:

I'm fricking LACTOSE INTOLERANT. I mean, what the heck? I go 28 years without a problem, have bitty bit, and then BAM, ice cream makes my tummy hurt and it took me ALMOST TWO YEARS to figure it out. Made losing weight a lot easier though!

Le sigh. I need to take Ginko.

Numero Quince:

I am enough.

That one took a full 30 years to get. Think on that ...

So far 31 has been good. Much better than 21 :-) I even LIKE getting carded for alcohol now. Makes me feel all young and stuff ( again...THANK YOU OIL OF OLAY!)

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