Friday, June 14, 2013

The never ending Pity-Party...

I'm a VERY empathetic person. I swear it. I can hardly watch the news anymore because it's always sad stuff and my heart just breaks for people, and then I'm up half the night boring my poor husband with all these stories I saw of tragedy and it's just ...REALLY emotionally draining for me.

That said.


There are a few choice people I've had to hide their updates. Because it was and is just CONSTANT.

"No one is ever there for me" (insert comments from the 200 plus people on their friends list that vary from "Hey, didn't we just hang out yesterday?!" to "Well I called but you didn't answer" to "What's going on sweetie?! I love you!")

"I have no true friends." (insert comments from the 200 plus people on their friends list professing their friendship and love for said person)

"I need prayers. Life is so hard right now."

"Nothing ever goes my way."

blahblahblahblah mother-bleeping- BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

I'm sorry. I am. I'm sorry they feel alone, and I'm sorry they apparently have more on their plates than they feel capable of dealing with. I'm sure, deep down, they may actually feel this way...but it's obviously nothing more than a cry for attention or that they are in need of some false validation that they are, indeed, worth something.

Stop that. You're grown ass women. (Men don't do this. At least not in my experience.)

I'm not saying you shouldn't ask for prayers if you feel you need them. I do that. Something like "Silent prayer request please." and most people? Are respectful enough not to ask what for. Because I indicated by the word SILENT that it is not something that needs discussion in public mass, just need a few extra folks to keep me in their thoughts. And it is certainly not a daily occurrence. (I've been on FB close to ten years. Done this TWICE. for real.) 

But the constant "woe is me?" crap. For real. Unless you are homeless and starving to death and suffering from an incurable disease to top ALL that?

Your life rocks, at least by comparison. 

For the love of pete if you feel THAT strongly about how horrible your life is? Take some advice from my Daddy.

The only person responsible for YOUR happiness? Is YOU.

You aren't going to get it from likes on FB, you aren't going to get it from a bunch of near strangers who are genuinely concerned you are possibly going to cut yourself if they don't post the damn near obligatory "hey , What's up?" on your newest sad post. 

It's absurd. Be a do-er. Get off your ass and change your situation but in the name of all that is sane please quit vague-booking. You are not a 12 year old hormone ridden child anymore. 

Yea. I'm done. I wish I had some clever way to end this but, sadly, I don't. It's enough to make me want to quit FB for awhile. If I didn't enjoy seeing what my HAPPY friends and family are up to so much I would gladly take my annual hiatus early. (It's scheduled for July, just a heads up.)

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