Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas makes me all sentimental...

I like to bake around the holidays. Sometimes for no reason other than the smell. When we were growing up it seemed like Mama and Mawmaw had the house smelling like heaven the entire month of December...then later on it was my Daddy with his famous chocolate chip cookies.

Texas Trash, cookies, name it. We had one sweet smelling house in those days. I've been baking my butt off for the last 24 hours (and plan on doing more of it) because a dear friend of mine is under the weather ( 28. Pray hard) and I figured that maybe just maybe some sugar cookies and pie would brighten her Christmas a bit.

And it gives me an excuse to bake.

And make Texas Trash- which I don't know why I don't make year round except that it's kinda expensive (Chex is awful proud of their products) and it isn't really PRACTICAL to make homemade spicy chex mix "just because..."

I just love the SMELL of something nice in the oven... Even though my sugar cookies came out like crap this year. ( I made the mistake of buying a mix instead of making them from scratch as usual, not a mistake I intend to make twice.)

At least the house smelled really good while doing it.

It for sure put me in the Christmas spirit, which has been sadly lacking.  ( I actually asked Mr. AGU if we could just skip it altogether this year- but then he reminded me we have the Heathens and that isn't really an option...)

Seriously...if you find yourself a bit lackluster this year when it comes to "the spirit"- put on some OLDIES Christmas Carols (Think Sinatra and Nat King Cole) and role up your sleeves and get elbow deep in some cookie dough with your kids...let them cut the shapes and add the icing and sprinkles...I have a full day of this planned for next week and I'm really REALLY looking forward to it.

Just see if it doesn't change your tune a bit :-)