Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Questions you never thought you'd ask:

Double Trouble
(No really, they only look sweet and innocent...)

GIRLS...WHY is there bologna in my toilet?

GIRLS....WHY is there sharpie marker on the BABY?

GIRLS...WHERE are your underwear/diapers and why aren't they on your BODY?

GIRLS...WHY is there wine in mommy's glass at 4:30 pm...(j/k...it's closer to 6:30...but you get the idea)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm baaaaackk

Miss me? It's only been...what 8 months?

It's been busy I assure you.

I was kinda busy making another human, and then taking care of the ones I've already made, and then taking care of the new human when her precious self finally decided to show up.

HOWEVER, I have been journaling, have lots of fun stuff heading your way. Or maybe not so fun to YOU but I've had fun so I feel the need to share. I can't promise I'll post with anymore regularity, but I will tell ya I've got MY idea of fun jotted down and ready to go. At some point. When I get to it (as I type this there are not one but TWO heathens fussing for my attention...life is never slow around here.)