Sunday, March 17, 2013

One and a half years...not as long as I thought!

So I was thinking about this blog this morning and how, like sooo many other things in my life it gets left by the wayside in the interest of (you guessed it) Being a grown up.

I'm seriously frickin busy y'all. Like, if I could put my life in a nutshell? Well hell, that wouldn't even remotely cover it.

Let's recap. Tid Bit just turned 3...that's right. 3. Yesterday in fact. Meanwhile, Bitty bit, is running around and saying words and falling into everything at almost 2, Lil bit and Chico are growing by leaps and bounds and in activities. I've been back to work for the last 18 months (ahhhh...that's what I was doing. ;-)

The hubster and I recently returned from an awesome Second Honeymoon. (In early celebration of our 5th year of marriage...go us...most folks gave us 2 tops...look at us beating all those HIGH expectations for our success ;-)

I woke up in a reflective mood this morning. Just on how nutso this life of mine is and how much I love it most days and how NICE that vacation was just the two of us, and how different it was souvenier shopping alone as opposed to the ABSOLUTE MADHOUSE it was shopping for soccer cleats and shinguards and practice wear today with ALL four children solo (Tid bit almost fell out of a basket... oof.) And still how much fun we had...

and see, I've forgotten how to do this. I haven't blogged in so damn long I can't string together a cohesive thought this late at night...maybe there is a reason I quit doing this (bah) I've always rambled but crap this is BAD, are you STILL reading this? REALLY? because if so KUDOS you have got the patience of JOBE because at this point I'm quite literally typing at fricking random here (I may need to make coffee I have chores to do and backpacks to get together and lunches to make and oh who am I kidding...)

Only about half of that will get done tonight. The rest will get done in the wee hours in the morning after I force myself out of bed at some unworldly hour to work out (yea...don't hate, I'm down 15 pounds and 2 almost 3 sizes...) and then I'll get the gang in gear for the day...

This is my life now. lol It's a jumbled mess of strung together chaos that only I understand at this point (because I write it down planner and I are best friends...)

And ................

I really need to find my car keys... no clue what bitty bit did with them. They are probably under the crappile they call a bedroom in there... (Fact #245871 of having small children share a bedroom, no matter how meticulously you organize that closet...little hands will destroy it in a matter of minutes, throw it to the floor, and proceed to lose your car keys under it...)

I can't say when I'll be back, but I'm around. Living and enjoying the hell out of it 99% of the time. My life is fun. It's probably a miracle I don't drink... It most certainly isn't for everyone lol My sister recently asked me how much coffee I have to consume in a day after a trip to the zoo with my 3 bits and her daughter... I can only say not as much as I used to. It's an acquired form of exhaustion I live in.

ciao' ....for now XOXOXO

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